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Amber, 18, Scotland. Sports, Guitar, Tattoos, Drawing, Music, Girls, Skating. NSFW.


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Hickeys are beautiful they’re like a temporary tattoo showing where your lips once were

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Thought I’d update my picture

Anonymous asked: You're fucking amazing naked and I wish we fucked when we had the chance

when we had the chance? 

what? who is this

Anonymous asked: you should upload boobies more often , i like them

ahaha thanks 

Anonymous asked: Its okay and don't make out like you want to talk to me if you honestly don't okay You don't have to x

Well i cant say that I dont wanna talk to you cause I dont mind?

it doesnt really impact my day if you dont talk to me, but if you do then cool :) 

Anonymous asked: You are so gorgeous like i honestly don't have the words to describe your beauty,Seriously i just get a warm fuzzy feeling everytime i see your face and i can't stop it okay If i was your girlfriend id make you my centre of attention all the time xxx

thank you so much :’)

im humbled by this, honestly. Talk to me more often!

I took more sleeping pills than recommended,

hopefully they actually work tonight!