I dont know why, but im really angry tonight. And my heart is fucking up again. And i just feel like i need to scream and shout and breathe in until i feel like i could pass out, and then exhale as fast as i can and just ‘whooooshh’ all these feelings away.

I need to book an appointment at the doctors soon because i think i may have Supraventricular Tachycardia. Its been 4/5 years since i started having symptoms and ive had no idea how to explain them or what could possibly be wrong. But i googled my symptoms last night and im pretty sure i have SVT. The only symptom i havent had yet is fainting so i just wanna get a diagnosis from the doc and hopefully ill get meds for it (or surgery, if its more severe than i think) if thats whats wrong with me!

Im thankful to the people that have sent me messages, ill be alright, im just going to go to bed now so ill reply to you guys in the morning! i really appreciate that you lot care and ill let you know personally tomorrow :)